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Great Careers Start Young
Everyone is a Scientist!
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Making college affordable for yourself and your family starts long before high school.   Common core is only the minimum standards for kids who don't have great family support.  It is important to do the things bureaucracies can't.
The following were designed by a classroom teacher and a tutor to capitalize on the capabilities of today's youngest students. They are now used individually by other teachers and parents.   Click on the covers to see pages and an overview of the affordable e-version.  They are also available in paperback version from Amazon.


Imagine starting physics and math in first and second grade.
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Become Your Own Scientist!
Simple Machines Lab Notebook
Easy experiments that can be done at home.

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Integrated Science and Math - Understanding big numbers and acquiring observation skills!

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Comments from those who bought and use the texts.

"I just used this with my kids and they love it."  lgordonteach, TPT

" Very helpful! It can be tough to relate complex material to a first grade level, but this format and information was done very well! Thank you!"  Kacie Vierhuf, TPT

To see more comments about Simple Machines Make Work Easier.

The jobs of the future are going to be so incredibly cool!
And the only thing one has to do is get ready.

Compiled and authored by Kathy of Wicked Witchie's Tutoring
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