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For Parents Making Important Choices
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It is very hard to be a parent in today's world.
      Many other people don't have the same priorities as they did before the 1980's.  The great news is that parents can make a big difference for their kids.  Below are a few guides for parents deciding how to help their children capitalize on all of today's amazing resources.    

For parents trying to avoid very expensive mistakes.....


It's not how much money people have....  It's how they use it.


Reducing the stress of getting to college

College will change
when parents change.


 Families who have learned the right math have a lot more success.  Here is a practical resource for today's world. 


My privacy policy is that I don't keep track of who looks at this site. 
People have a right to their personal privacy.
Tracking just comes across as a little too disrespectful for me.

Money doesn't cure diseases, people do ......
  Money doesn't solve problems, people do.

There are some incredible people around ....

Please remember that no person or organization can be all things to all people. 
Everyone is different.  It is up to people to decide what they learn and do.
It is wise to have more than one resource.  
Compiled and authored by Kathy, aka "The Wicked Witch" of Tutoring - Ha Ha  
Copyright guidelines:  Please feel free to share whatever is of value for you. In today's world, people need to be able to tell all on their own who has credibility and who doesn't all on their own. This site provides no guarantees.  Education is a personal journey.  Each family decides their own destiny.