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Welcome to the website for families who don't want to get stuck overpaying for college.
Thank heavens we don't have to fix the system in order to help ourselves have better lives.  We just have be able to help ourselves. 
The most important secret to remember is that buying a piece of paper is not the same as getting an education. A lot of adults and many employers can't tell the difference.

Thank you ahead of time for tolerating my imperfections and offbeat sense of humor.

"Wicked Witchie" in Disguise
Shhh - please don't tell anyone.


Some of these may work for you.  It's up to you to know how to protect yourself.  

For Teens   It's your future.  What are you doing about it?  It's the digital age.  Everyone is different.  What's right for some people isn't always right for others.  How will you acquire the ability to know what is right for you?

For Parents - It's parents' money.  Whether college costs actually change depends on how parents invest their resources early on.  Those who develop the right skills and allies have a big advantage and a lot less stress.
Keeping Yourself Informed  - But don't worry if you don't, someone else is totally happy to sacrifice their future for yours.  How do you plan on knowing who has real expertise and who just thinks you are meat?

 Unapproved, Unaffiliated and Totally Unsanctioned!
Disclaimer:  Do not read this site unless you have a weird sense of humor.
  No high fallutin' expertise whatsoever is claimed.  Everything is from spending thousands of hours working one on one with students and their families to see what works for them.   Anyone is welcome to take advantage of the information on this site.  However, please remember that in today's world, there are no guarantees. Everyone's situation is different and all individuals make their own choices.  Reality is that some of those choices can't be fixed.  Solutions should be designed and implemented with that in mind. It is up to you know and decide which solutions are right for you and your family.  Many of the solutions on this site will work if they are implemented right.  Thank you ahead of time for tolerating my imperfections.  It is too busy to always be perfect.  And the people who expect it are usually too difficult to work with, anyways.

    Kathy (aka the Wicked Witch of tutoring) is a by referral only, unorthodox math and science tutor who doesn't take herself too seriously.  By staying independent, she can focus on  using the best of what's available regardless of politics or marketing. Her students have received millions in college scholarships.  College is phenomenally expensive; a lot of people overpay. Once they have, it's too late to fix it.
Note:   This site is designed to let parents and students educate themselves without having to listen to  people who don't know anything  blabber on about themselves or have every little thing they do tracked or judged.  It is updated every few months with stuff that has made a difference for Kathy's students and their families. (Or, just some wacky experiences you wouldn't want to have happen to you.)

This site does not need to be popular to be effective.  It only needs to help you.  If it helps only a few people, that is great!  What people do off the 'net with this information is their edge.  No one has paid to be on this site. There are no ads, no government subsidies, no corporate sponsors, no charitable contributions and no secret tracking. (Less conflict of interest, better for Kathy's students and far more enjoyable - less mean people.)

Please remember that no person or organization can be all things to all people. 
Everyone is different.  People who can help themselves have a much better life. 
It is wise to have more than one resource.
Compiled and authored by Kathy, aka "The Wicked Witch" of Tutoring - Ha Ha  
Copyright guidelines:  Please feel free to share whatever is of value for you. In today's world, it is up to you to know how to help yourself and your family.  This site provides no guarantees. Education is what you make of it.