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There is a big difference between teaching and learning.  My focus is to help students high school age and older become great learners - able to learn whatever they need to in order to have a great life.
Every family has its own set of values and priorities.  It is important to get the right educational match for your teen and your family's priorities.  Here is my philosophy so you can decide if I am the right match:
Every student's brain is different. Each student has different strengths and weaknesses.  Some parts of some students' brains will develop faster than others.  That means that every person's education is really an individual journey.  One on one attention from the right person can help each student grow skills important for success in today's world - the skills to solve the problems that affect their lives and their futures. 

Academic coaching is one on one and designed to adapt to where each student is and help them move forward. Scheduling is mostly by referral and typically first come, first served.  Those with regular weekly sessions and who prepay have priority.  People who cancel last minute without compensating for the time may lose their spots. There is a maximum of how many students per week I can handle.  Currently, there is room for a few more students.  Thank you ahead of time for realizing that tutoring is how I pay for food, housing, health insurance and the other necessities of life.  It has been great to work with families who care about those things.
Subjects include:
Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Geometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
(College prep, Honors, AP, IB and College level including CLEP programs)
Universal Test Success
(especially CLEP, along with SAT, ACT, GRE, Praxis and others)
  Consulting for parents
(thank you to the parents who have compensated me
for the time to help them become more informed)
My privacy policy is that I don't keep track of who looks at this site. 
People have a right to their personal privacy.
Tracking just comes across as a little too disrespectful for me. 
And, some of those people at the top of those organizations
are just a little too scary to trust.
Money doesn't cure diseases, people do ......
  Money doesn't solve problems, people do. 
There are some amazing people in the world.

Please remember that no person or organization can be all things to all people. 
Everyone is different.  It is up to parents, teens and others to decide whose advice they follow and what they choose to learn.  No one can make people learn what they don't want to learn.  It's important to remember that what people read is a choice.  

      Copyright guidelines:  This information is posted on the internet where there is very little real privacy or protections.  All people decide for themselves whose judgment and whose information they trust.    Thank you ahead of time for your caring, your intellect, your thoughtfulness and your trustworthiness.