College Has Already Changed

College Has Already Changed
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        College has already changed for many families.  Having worked one on one with hundreds of different students and their families, I have found that families who have the most success do some of the following actions.   Here, two of Kathy's students, Jillian and Courtney, share their tips.
(Please note: we had to film Jillian's quickly before she headed to college.  Hers are better viewed on a smaller screen.  Thanks for your tolerance of our imperfections and differences.)


Leveraging a college's marketing

       Reality is that colleges probably won't change until they have to and many have succumbed to the 80's mentality.  It is up to families to decide how to get the right education for themselves.


Please remember that no person or organization can be all things to all people. 
Everyone is different.  It is up to people to decide what they learn and do.
It is wise to have more than one resource.  
Compiled and authored by Kathy, aka "The Wicked Witch" of Tutoring - Ha Ha  
Copyright guidelines:  Please feel free to share whatever is of value for you. In today's world, people need to be able to tell all on their own who has credibility and who doesn't all on their own. This site provides no guarantees.  Education is a personal journey.  Each family decides their own destiny.