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College - Deciding What Is Right For You
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        Deciding if, when and where to go to college is a very important decision in today's world.  Many employers have realized that a college degree no matter the reputation of the college is not a guarantee of a candidate having the right skills.  Many colleges have some interesting priorities and that has impacted whether they are actually of value or not.   The good news is that in today's world families who can properly utilize what colleges and other alternatives offer can give themselves a great education without having to go broke.
         Here, two of Kathy's students, Jillian and Courtney, share their tips about making sure they get a good value from their college investment. 
(Please note: we had to film Jillian's quickly before she headed to college.  Hers are better viewed on a smaller screen.  Thanks for your tolerance of our imperfections and differences.)


Leveraging a college's marketing

       This book is for parents who are already considering more affordable and more effective educational solutions for their kids.


Please remember that no person or organization can be all things to all people. 
Everyone is different.  It is up to parents and teens to decide who they listen to and what they learn to do.  It is wise to have more than one resource.  
Compiled and authored by Kathy, aka "The Green Witch" of Tutoring
Copyright guidelines:  Please feel free to share whatever is of value for you. In today's world, parents and teens have to know for themselves who has credibility and who doesn't. This site provides no guarantees.  Parents and teens make their own choices.  How people educate themselves is actually up to them.