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Time for a better career?
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If you are stuck working for or with people who don't like or value you, maybe it's time for a better job.

People who have learned the right skills have a lot more options. They are less likely to have to work with or risk depending on people who don't care about them.

Unfortunately, many people had stuff happen when they were young that affected which skills they learned.  However, with a little effort, most people can rebuild the skills that give them a better life without having to spend huge amounts of money or be overwhelmed and frustrated. 


 Here is just one success story. 
 "PA" School is Physician's Assistant
A few helpful hints for finding new opportunities.

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Money doesn't cure diseases, people do ......
  Money doesn't solve problems, people do. 
There are some amazing people around.
Hope to see you in the real world.


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