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For Parents Growing Their Skills
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It's a changed world. 
New skills are needed.

Parents who build the right skills have
  less stress, more success and more fun!

Here are some materials for parents
who are helping their kids thrive
in a changed world.

(A little helpful hint - A couple of the books are informational texts for young learners.  Don't try to do them all at once.  They aren't story books. They work more like "How To" books.  One or two pages at a time can make a big difference in results and enjoyment.)

A Changed World
Needs Different



Will They Be Able
To Do Their Own

Already used by teachers, parents,
Cub Scout moms and others.

It's a Changed World
New Skills Are Needed
Here Is a Place To Start



 The Right Start
 Makes a Difference


For more of Kathy's Curriculum including some that are free,

Her materials have been downloaded by over 4800 teachers,
parents, librarians, mentors and other impactful educators.

Please remember that no person or organization can be all things to all people. 
Everyone is different.  It is up to parents, teens and others to decide whose
advice they follow and what they choose to learn.  No one can make
   people learn what they don't want to learn.  It's important to
remember what people read or learned was a choice.  

Copyright guidelines:  Please note, this site is simply an information resource.  This information is posted on the internet where there is very little real privacy or protections.  All people decide for themselves whose judgment and whose information they trust.    Thank you ahead of time for your caring, your intellect, your thoughtfulness and your trustworthiness.