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          Is anyone else amazed by what comes out of the mouths of youngsters and how far ahead of us they are sometimes? I’m so grateful I have more experience than they do because otherwise I’d be so intimidated (and scared of looking dumb.)

      A few years ago I was driving my 8 yr old, soon to be 9 years old, nephew home from my parents’ house and he decides it’s a good time to have some important “life” discussions.

     The first conversation was about his future career. So, he started with what was invented when. Did the computer get invented before he was born or after? Before I was born before or after? Before or after his grandparents? And, it wasn’t about the year, it was about who was around to see it.

     Then, he asked what about the telephone? Which one I asked and we proceeded to talk about the different phases the telephone has gone through including the days of party lines and switchboard operators. I told him how the switchboard operator in my dad's town had a window onto the main street and could tell people if who they were trying to reach had just gone over to the drug store for a cup of coffee.  He laughed ‘cause it’s preposterous compared to what he sees today. (The same holds true for many of my students because that reality is just so farfetched to them.)

      Finally, he says, “Well I’m inventing something really important so I can become amazingly rich.” I said, “great!” and what I didn’t tell him was that’s the new reality.  Anyone who can create their own product and their own opportunities has a lot more independence and a lot more fun if they are good at it. I'm just hoping he will give me a job when I'm old....

On to conversation # 2:
      He then decided the next conversation had to be about colleges and started comparing online colleges with regular colleges. I’m thinking “Oh good, a second grader is discussing his college options with me. This is going to be interesting.”

      So the conversation goes for awhile and then he announces, “ Well, I’m not sitting in my bedroom to go to college. And, I’m not going to a college that doesn’t even have a cafeteria.” Even the youngest of students gets that the caliber of adults around them on a day to day basis decides the quality of their education and their lives.

      The kids are always thinking and today they have access to so much more information than we did. Sometimes, the best part is just being along for the ride and listening for great opportunities.


From Kathy on Empoweringlearners.com


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